Cebu Real Estate Trends 2024 Expert Advice from Jennifer Poblete


As the dynamic city of Cebu continues to evolve, so too does its real estate landscape. The year 2024 brings forth new opportunities, challenges, and trends that shape the housing market. In this article, we tap into the expertise of Jennifer Poblete, a seasoned Cebu real estate agent, to provide insights and advice on the emerging trends that will define the real estate scene in Cebu for the year 2024.

Understanding the Pulse of Cebu Real Estate:

Cebu has long been a hotspot for real estate investments, and staying ahead of the trends is essential for both buyers and sellers. Jennifer Poblete, with her finger on the pulse of the Cebu real estate market, shares her expert advice on the trends that are expected to dominate in 2024.

1. Rise of Smart Homes: In 2024, the demand for smart homes is expected to surge in Cebu. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of integrating technology into real estate, from home automation systems to energy-efficient solutions. Buyers are increasingly seeking properties that offer modern conveniences aligned with the latest technological advancements.

2. Sustainable Living: With a growing awareness of environmental issues, sustainability becomes a key factor in real estate choices. Jennifer Poblete suggests that properties incorporating eco-friendly features, such as energy-efficient designs and green spaces, will be highly sought after in 2024.

3. Condo Living Preferences: The trend towards condominium living continues to gain momentum. Jennifer advises potential buyers to explore the convenience and amenities offered by modern condo developments, especially in central locations. Condos are not just homes; they are lifestyle choices that cater to the demands of urban living.

4. Digital Transformation in Transactions: The real estate industry is experiencing a digital transformation, and Cebu is no exception. Cebu RealEstate Agent Jennifer highlights the importance of leveraging technology for property transactions, from virtual tours to online documentation processes. Embracing these advancements can streamline the buying and selling experience.

5. Flexible Spaces for Remote Work: The rise of remote work has altered the way people perceive living spaces. Jennifer Poblete notes a growing demand for homes that offer flexible spaces suitable for remote work setups. Homebuyers are now looking for dedicated home offices or adaptable spaces that cater to the evolving nature of work.


As Cebu steps into 2024, the real estate market is poised for exciting transformations. Navigating these trends requires not only market awareness but also the guidance of an expert like Jennifer Poblete. By staying informed about smart homes, sustainability, condo living, digital transformation, and flexible workspaces, buyers and sellers can make informed decisions in the ever-evolving Cebu real estate landscape. Trust Jennifer Poblete to be your guide as you explore the opportunities and navigate the trends shaping the real estate scene in Cebu for the year 2024.

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